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Cookies Policy

This portal, which is the property of La Tormenta Perfecta SLU, uses cookies to enhance and optimise users’ browsing experience. Below you will find full details of what ‘cookies’ are, their purpose, the types used by this website, as well as how to disable or adjust them on your browser and specifically how to block the installation of third party cookies, depending on the browser you use to visit us.

What are cookies and how do we use them at
Cookies are files that the website, portal and/or application you are using installs on your browser or device (smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or connected TV) whilst you are visiting the pages or the application and are used to store information about your visit. Just like most Internet websites, uses cookies for the following purposes:

• To ensure that the portal works correctly.
• To save your preferences, such as the language you selected or font size.
• To learn about your browsing experience.
• To collect anonymous statistical data, such as which pages you visited or how long you spent on our media.

Using cookies enables us to optimise your browsing experience, tailoring the information and services offered to your interests, thereby providing you with a better experience each time you visit us. use cookies for operational purposes, as well as to facilitate and personalise users’ browsing experience.

Cookies are associated solely with anonymous users and their computer/device and do not provide any references that may reveal personal details. You may access your browser settings at any time in order to modify and/or block the installation of cookies sent by Such actions will not prevent you from accessing the contents thereon, although the operating standard of the services may be affected.

Why are they important?
• From a technical perspective, they allow websites to operate in a manner that is both more effective and tailored to meet users’ preferences, such as storing your language choice, country currency or detecting the device used to access the website.
• They set levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder cyberattacks against the website or its users.
• They provide media managers with statistical data collected in the cookies, thereby enabling them to improve the experience and quality of their services.

What types of cookies do we use at
• Session cookies expire when users leave the website or close the browser; in other words, they remain active for the duration of the website visit and are therefore erased from the computer once it ends.
• Permanent cookies expire once the objective they are used for has been met, or when they are erased manually. They have an erasure date and are normally used during online purchase, personalisation or registration processes so that users do not have to repeatedly enter their password.
• In addition, depending on the organisation controlling the hardware or domain from which the cookies are sent and processing the data obtained, we can also distinguish between own and third party cookies.
• Own cookies are those sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us in order to enhance website performance. The information we collect is used to improve the standard of our service and your experience as a user.
• Your interaction with the contents of our website may also result in the installation of third party cookies (for instance, by clicking on social media buttons or viewing videos hosted on another website). These are set by a domain other than our website. We cannot access data stored in cookies corresponding to other websites when you are browsing these sites.

DomainCookie namePurposeExpiration dateOwn or third party
munichshop.netcfidBrowser identification to maintain users’ session variables30 yearsP
munichshop.netLANGUAGEIDLanguage preference1 hourP
munichshop.netGEOIPINFORMATTED1 hourP
munichshop.net_bkaui1 hourP
munichshop.net_gaDifferentiate users2 yearsA
munichshop.net_gid24 hoursA
munichshop.net_gatRequest percentage restrictions1 minuteA
munichshop.net_atuvc2 yearsP
munichshop.net_atuvs30 minP
munichshop.net_utmzStorage of campaign or traffic source, explaining how users reached the websiteSix months as of setting or updateA

How can I adjust my cookie settings?
By remaining on and browsing our website you are agreeing to the use of cookies under the terms and conditions stipulated in this Cookies Policy.

However, you are hereby informed that as cookies are not necessary in order to use our website, you may disable or block them by activating your browser settings, which provides you with the option of rejecting the installation of all or some cookies. Essentially, the majority of browsers allow for the detection of cookies or their automatic rejection. If you choose to reject them, you may continue using our website, although certain services may be limited and therefore your experience on our website may be less satisfactory.

Below you will find a list of the links for the principal browsers and devices that provide full details of how to find out about managing cookies on your browser.

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Version 6:
Versions 7 and 8:
Version 9:
Opera™ :
Windows Phone:
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